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(JAROD2, MOSES1) was born 1840 in Lowndes Co, Georgia, and died October 04, 1873 in Brooks Co, Georgia. He married MARTHA HIERS January 03, 1864 in Hamiliton Co, Florida, daughter of DANIEL HIERS and NANCY HUNTER. She was born 1840 in Brooks Co, Georgia, and died August 23, 1931 in Brooks Co, Georgia.

Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
On Mar 4, 1862, William enlisted at Whitesville, Echols Co., Georgia, as a private in the Georgia Infantry. He was transferred to Co. “C”, 47th Regiment, Georgia Infantry on May 12, 1862. William appears on a receipt roll for clothing at a hospital in Guyton, Georgia, Sept. 6, 1863. During his service he was wounded at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee on Nov. 25, 1863 and was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital at LaGrange, Georgia on June 25, 1864. He was transferred from there to Oliver Hospital on July 5, 1864. In October of 1864 William was sent home to Hamilton Co. on a 60 day furlough.

1870 Census, 16th Dist., Statenville, Echols County, Georgia, September 29.
Westberry, William, 34, Farm Labor; Martha, 31, Keeping House; General, 6; Francis (sp?-Female), 4. (HH 188, next door to James Madison Westberry)

X. Daniel Hiers, b. 1789 S. C., d. 7/31/1873 Brooks Co., Ga. m. Nancy Hunter. His son, David, qualified as admr of his est. 8/18/1873. Daniel and his w., Nancy, are bur. Bethel Primitive Baptist Church cemetery, Brooks, Ga.
Brooks Co. Ann. Retns, Bk E, P. 397-8, vouchers dtd 12/20/1874 from various heirs, stating, each one “Received of David Heirs, admr. of est. of Daniel Hiers, decd. . . .as my entire part of the distribution of the estate of my father.” Given by William Hiers, Abram Bird, gdn of Nancy Hiers, J. W. Hiers and J. H. Hiers, Sarah Ann Downing, Nancy Denmark, Catherine Westberry, Mary Alderman, Martha and William Westberry, J. S. Harp, the husb. of Emily C. Harp, formerly Emily C. Hiers, Philip Hiers, William Hiers, Jacob Hiers, Elizabeth Winget, Susan Ingram and Ann Yates.

The above throws a shadow of doubt on the death date of William.

Shortly after the death of William Westberry, her husband, Martha returned with her children to Brooks Co., Georgia. In March of 1880 she joined Bethel Primitive Baptist Church by experience. She was later dismissed by letter in March of 1897. She and her parents are buried there.
Under the Act of 1910, Martha applied for a widow’s pension. Records indicate that she had been a continuing resident of Georgia for 68 years. Neither she nor her husband ever owned land. The pension application was sworn Aug. 1, 1910 in Lowndes Co., Georgia.

1880 Census, Morven, Brooks County, Georgia, July 16.
Westberry, Martha, 45, Keeping House; G. J., Son, 17, Works on Farm; William, Son, 13, Works on Farm; James, Son, 15, Works on Farm; Walter, Son, 11, Works on Farm; Malphea, Dau., 8.
1920 Census, Brooks Co, Georgia.
Martha Westberry, 77-Mother in law, living with S. L. Hall.

In book E, page 397-8, Brooks Co Annual Returns, vouchers dated December 20, 1874, show Martha and William Westberry as receiving “my entire part of the distribution of the estate of my father.”


i. GENERAL JACKSON WESTBERRY, #, b. September 29, 1864, Hamiliton Co, Florida; d. October 26, 1951, Moultrie, Georgia; m. (1) UNKNOWN, Abt. 1879; m. (2) MARY ETTA FOLSOM, July 30, 1884, Berrien Co, Georgia; b. July 26, 1860; d. Abt. 1912, Georgia; m. (3) MAYBELLE “MARY” CROFT, January 16, 1926, Brooks Co, Georgia.

1900 Census, Berrien Co, Georgia.
G. J. Westberry, Sept. 1864-Fla.; Etta, Mar. 1858; Emerson, May 1885; Ansil, Jan. 1887; Mary, Aug. 1891; Owen, Feb. 1894; Loren, May 1896; Willie, Oct. 1898.
1910 Census, Barney Dist., Brooks County, Georgia, April 29. (Image 26, HH 237)
Westbury, Jack, 51, Born FL, 1st Marriage, Married 25 Years, Farmer; Mettie, Wife, 48, Born GA, 9 Children Born-9 Living; Owen, Son, 15, Farm Labor; Loron, Son, 13, Farm Labor; Willie, Son, 9; Rosie, Dau., 8; Bessie, Dau., 5; Smith, Sovie/Dovie?, GDau., 5 (This is probably the daughter of Linnie May)
1930 Census, MD 660, Brooks County, Georgia, April 21.
Westberry, Jackson, 58, Married at age 54, Born in Florida (Father Born in Florida, Mother Born in Georgia), Farm Laborer; Mary, Wife, 23, Married at age 19. (Living on road to Valdosta)

ii. WILLIAM MOSES WESTBERRY, SR, b. August 27, 1865, Georgia; d. May 07, 1943, Fort Ogden, DeSoto Co, Florida; m. MINERVA ELIZABETH NEWSOME, December 15, 1881, Lowndes Co, Georgia; b. May 20, 1863, Columbia Co, Florida; d. September 22, 1951, Fort Ogden, Desoto Co, Florida.

1900 Census, Hamilton Co, Florida.
Moses W., Feb. 1865; Lizzie, Mar. 1860; William W., Jul. 1883; James M., Jun. 1887; Jesse L.,Dec. 1890; Essie M., Apr. 1892; Lola E., Jan. 1894; Moses, Aug. 1896.
1910 Census, Dist. 1, Hamilton County, Florida, April 15.
Westberry, M. W., 47-GA, Farmer, Married 27 Years; Mary W., 48-Fla., 13 Children Born-7 Living; James, Son, 23-Fla., Single, Farm Laborer/Home; Jessie, Son, 19- Fla., Single, Farm Laborer/Home; Essie Mae, Dau., 17-Ga., Single; Lola, Dau., 15-Fla., Single, Farm Laborer/Home; Moses, Son, 11-Fla., Farm Laborer; Lee, Son, 8-Fla. (HH 14)
1920 Census, Hamiliton Co, Florida.
M. W. Westberry, 57-Fla.; Elizabeth, 60; Jessee, 30; Beatrice, 18-Dau-in-law; Moses, 22; Ruby, 18- Dau-in-law; Lee-(son)-17.
1930 Census, Hamilton Co, Florida.
Westberry, Mose, 65; Elizabeth, 70; James, 45; Lee, 23; Perlie, 23 (Daughter-in-Law); Estelle, 12 (Granddaughter); Izah, 9 (Grandson); Doris, 5 (Granddaughter).

iii. FRANCES WESTBERRY, b. 1866.

The story is Frances was kidnapped by Indians at a very early age, the purpose to teach them English.
Or, she was killed/died at a very young age.
I believe the latter story.

iv. JAMES JONATHAN WESTBERRY, b. 1867, Hamiliton Co, Florida; d. February 04, 1949, Baldwin Co, Georgia; m. LILLIE HALL, August 21, 1889, Brooks Co, Georgia; b. Abt. 1875, Georgia; d. Aft. 1948.

1910 Census, 1910 Census, Dasher, MD 1500, Lowndes County, Georgia, May 11.
Westberry, J. J., 44, Born GA, Married 15 Years, Farmer; Lillie, Wife, 35, 8 Children Born-6 Living; Zebedee, Son, 14; David, Son, 8; Malpha, Dau., 7; Susie, Dau., 5; Martha, Mother, 67, Wid., 6 Children Born-5 Living.
1920 Census, Cherry Lake, Madison County, Florida, February 3. (Image 10, HH 94)
Westberry, James, 52, Farmer; Lilly, Wife, 46; Eulah, Dau., 26, Married; Zebedee, Son, 23, Single, Farmer; Maud, Dau., 22, Married; David, Son, 19, Single, Labor/Home; Martha, Dau., 15, Single; Sussie, Dau., 14; J. B., Son, 9. (J. B. is the son of Eula Prine)
1930 Census, Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia, April 21.
Westberry, James J., 67, Married at age 25, Born in Florida (Father Born in Florida, Mother Born in Georgia), Farmer; Lillie, Wife, 57, Married at age 15; Prine, J. B., Grandson, 19, Single; Westberry, Thomas, Grandson, 13; Westberry, Martha, Mother, 96, Widowed. (Living on Grooverville Road)

v. MOSES WALTON WESTBERRY, b. 1869, Echols Co, Georgia; d. February 25, 1928, Valdosta, Georgia; m. CARRIE LEE CARTER, October 12, 1911, Echols Co, Georgia; b. June 16, 1889, Georgia; d. March 21, 1971, Georgia.

vi. MALPHA WESTBERRY, b. 1871, Georgia; m. SION HALL, December 03, 1889, Brooks Co, Georgia; b. February 11, 1868.


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  1. I’m a descendant of William Henry Westberry Jr. Wounded at the battle of Missionary Ridge in Tn. Anyone have any information?

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