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I recently was asked if anyone knew where to purchase a copy of a book on the Westberry family history. The person’s aunt had one that she got at a family reunion.

If anyone knows anything about one please comment. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested.


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  1. Hi I am a Westberry and have been searching for my family down south forever. I am a Westberry. My Pop-pop moved from Georgia. I know my great grandfather is Roy Westberry, and I believe Noah Herman is my great great grandfather from my research. It ends there. Please how do I contect someone?

  2. I am the grandson of john earl and louise westberry. Son of Leroy westberry. Would like any information on my family.

  3. I have recently purchased a copy of Rev Moses Westberry and His Descendants, written by Geraldine Westberry-Johnson. I’m not certain if this is the only history book on the Westberry history, but if there is anything I can help anyone with, just let me know. It is a very large book – over 1,100 pages.

    1. Looking for info on Woodrow Wilson Westberry born in Barney Ga, died in Miami Fl. Wondering how he was related to rev Moses

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