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Family History Book

I recently was asked if anyone knew where to purchase a copy of a book on the Westberry family history. The person’s aunt had one that she got at a family reunion.

If anyone knows anything about one please comment. I’m sure a lot of people would be interested.


Westberry Tree Is Growing!

With the help of my cousin Cheryl P., Laura A., and  Francine B. I have been able to add more pages to the tree. Thank you for the added content!

Even though the whole tree is not like this yet. I have been adding content where everyone who has children, gets their  own page. Instead of adding additional generations one page. I think this format is easier, at least for me, to follow and back track. I plan to eventually have the entire tree this way.

Thanks again for the comments and updates!


Links in place.

Well it seemed to take forever, but today I put all the links in place for the Westberry Family Tree.

Next I will make some updates and a few corrections for my small part of the family.

And I also want to add some of the pics. to the family members’ pages instead or in addition to picture galleries. We’ll see how it goes.

Would like to get some more updates too! Please help!

A Big Milestone! At least for me :)

Today I finished posting all the Westberry family member’s pages that were still available. There is still a lot or work to do, adding links and getting the page lists in order. And I also still want to try to get what I can of all the pictures and documents too.

Please leave comments, suggestions, corrections, and additions!

Lost Archives

Today while working on the site, I was unable to retrieve the archives for most of William Braxton Westberry’s children. They seem to be unavailable on the Wayback Machine. Hopefully they will one day be found.