Westberry Tree Is Growing!

With the help of my cousin Cheryl P., Laura A., and  Francine B. I have been able to add more pages to the tree. Thank you for the added content!

Even though the whole tree is not like this yet. I have been adding content where everyone who has children, gets their  own page. Instead of adding additional generations one page. I think this format is easier, at least for me, to follow and back track. I plan to eventually have the entire tree this way.

Thanks again for the comments and updates!


9 thoughts on “Westberry Tree Is Growing!”

  1. additional children of Loy Albert Westberry: Edith Cecile Westberry (Page) ; born August 20, 1946 and Sarah Mae Westberry, born June 15, 1951: unsure if this is how to enter info (through comments,) but would like to add more; please advise! thank you.

  2. I am looking for a photo of Willar Blanche Collins wife of Isham Westberry. Is there one you could e-mail to me?

    1. Unfortunately I do not posses many pictures. It is my hope that some of the other family members can submit some in the future.


  3. Hi,

    James A. Harper is my 4th great grandfather but I’m stuck with his parents. I’m just trying to find anyone that can tell me who his father was for sure…Charles Malachi Harper who supposedly was born in England and married Chastity Lucinda Roberts or Malachi Harper who is from SC and married Jane Jenkins. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you so much,

  4. My name is James Lartz I’m the son of Randall Lartz ,his mother was Alice Westberry and her father was Coleman Westberry ,I am wanting to know if someone could provide information on him and his parents?,

  5. I am Moses Westberry’s 4th great-grandson. My Grand mother who raised me was the daughter of Charles Dewy Westberry. When and where is the next Westberry reunion?

  6. I’m also a descendant of Rev. Moses my grandfather was Lawrence West berry who was married to Elsie Grace Waldron Westberry.

  7. My husband is also a descendant of Moses his mother was Willie a westberry sanders gibbs.my husband is eddie dean gibbs from baxley ga

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