Noah Westberry, Sr.


(MOSES1) was born Bet. 1800 – 1807 in South Carolina – Liberty Co, Georgia, and died 1858 in Appling Co, Georgia. He married NANCY C. STRICKLAND, daughter of Richard Strickland and Susannah Barfield, 1828 in Georgia. She was born 1813 in Liberty Co, Georgia, and died 1875 in Appling Co, Georgia.

1850 Census Appling Co, Georgia.
Noah Westberry 1804; Nancy 1813; Richard 1835; Noah 1837; Seleta A. 1839; Caleb 1841; Jathan S. 1845 (Jathan was a nickname for Jonathan); John 1848.
1860 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Nancy Westberry 46; Leacy A. 18; Caleb 16; David 15; John 11; William 8; Nancy 2.
1870 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Nancy Westberry 54; Caleb 24; John 18; William 15; Lucy A. 26; Nancy 11; Robert 2.

Noah Westberry owned and lived on lot of land 190, in 3rd land district of Appling county. About half of the 3rd and 4th districts of Appling was detached and added to Wayne about 1870, including the said lot 190. Lot 190 is situated about five or six miles northwestwardly of Jesup and near the present Jesup and Lane’s Bridge highway. Mr. Westberry died there early in 1858, and Joshua Clary was appointed the administrator of the estate, and sold said lot 190 in January 1858 at public sale. Mrs. Westberry, the widow, died about 1875-80 and was buried beside her husband in the small Westberry graveyard on the old homeplace; graves unmarked. (Now marked)

Nancy was proved to be a Strickland by the death certificates of two of her sons, Caleb and William.


i. CASSANDRA WESTBERRY, b. 1829, Appling Co, Georgia; d. 1914, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. JOSHUA CLARY, #, Appling Co, Georgia; b. 1822, Appling Co, Georgia; d. 1906, Wayne Co, Georgia.

ii. LAVINA WESTBERRY, b. 1831, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. Abt. 1875; m. PETER ARNETT, 1846, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. 1825, Georgia; d. 1911, Georgia.

iii. RICHARD F. WESTBERRY, CSA, b. September 07, 1835, Appling Co, Georgia; d. Aft. 1908, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. ELIZABETH; b. 1850, Georgia.

iv. NOAH WESTBERRY, JR, CSA, b. 1837, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. December 04, 1863, Appling Co, Georgia; m. MARY LOUISA STRICKLAND; b. 1837, Georgia; d. September 21, 1921, Glynn Co, Georgia.

v. SALETA ANN WESTBERRY, b. 1839, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. 1903, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. SIMEON A. WESTBERRY, CSA; b. October 04, 1844, Georgia; d. February 09, 1907, Hamiliton Co, Florida.

vi. CALEB WESTBERRY, CSA, #, b. November 04, 1841, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. June 06, 1926, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. MARY E. REDDISH, December 02, 1874, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. December 22, 1844, Georgia; d. June 09, 1904, Wayne Co, Georgia.

vii. DAVID WESTBERRY, b. 1845.

viii. JOHN JOSIAH WESTBERRY, b. May 30, 1849, Appling Co, Georgia; d. June 30, 1932, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. MARY ANN MCKOY, October 23, 1881, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. March 23, 1862, Telfair Co, Georgia; d. June 09, 1949, Jacksonville, Florida.

ix. WILLIAM M. WESTBERRY, b. February 16, 1854, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. January 15, 1931, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. RACHAEL WESTBERRY, April 09, 1879, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. March 14, 1854, Georgia; d. June 05, 1898, Wayne Co, Georgia.

x. NANCY WESTBERRY, b. 1858.

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  1. I need some type of proof that Noah and Nancy were married, marriage license, Family Bible notes, I also need some proof that Noah was the son of Rev. Moses Westberry. If
    someone could help me, I would be most appreciative. I am trying to use this information to be able to be a member of – DAR Daughters of the American Revolution. My mother
    was Louise annie Westberry Smith, my grandmother was Mattie Haddock Westberry.

  2. How would getting this information help you get in the DAR? How was the Revolutionary War Patriot in the family? Noah fought in the Civil War and that does not help. I can’t find the parents of Moses Westberry which would give me the possibility of a patriot. We are definitely related so I will see what I can do to help. I am in the DAR from Patriots on my Maternal Grandmothers line.

  3. I found that Capt. Josiah Furman a Patriot in the Revolution is Moses father, he never married his mother Sarah Westberry, that is why he has her maiden name. There was a book written about Furman and DNA testing done that supports he is the father of Moses Westberry. I found it on the Sons of the American Revolution Site, they have opened a line for Furman but for one of his legitimate heirs. I will write to you again when I come across the name of the book again.

    Be Blessed

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