Lemuel Westberry


(WILLIAM CHARLTON3, JOSIAH2, MOSES1) was born March 22, 1856 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died June 02, 1949 in Ware Co, Georgia. He married (1) KEZIAH TAYLOR January 08, 1880 in Georgia, daughter of ISAIAH TAYLOR and MARY LEE. She was born 1856 in Ware Co, Georgia. He married (2) NANCY ROWELL March 29, 1888. She was born 1853 in Georgia. He married (3) GUSSIE BRYANT 1916. She was born October 11, 1897 in Georgia, and died October 21, 1993 in Bacon Co, Georgia.

1910 Census, Ware Co, Georgia.
Lemuel, 54; Nancy, 57.
1920 Census, Ware Co, Georgia.
Lem Westberry, 62; Gussie, 21, (Wife); Francis Bryant, 12, (SinL); Olive O., 1-3/12.

Besides being the very first member of the Bickley Methodist Church to join on profession of faith and baptised April 17, 1889, Lemuel Westberry, known as Uncle Lem to most everyone, was well known for his clean fence row.
A farmer, he worked for the late W.M. Denton, Sr. and purchased nine acres of land from the Denton family. It was on this nine acres that he built a log house that was the “old homeplace” until the early 1960’s when a new residence was built. The residence is now occupied by his son Treeman and his wife Ruth, both members of the Bickley Church.
As a member of the community, Uncle Lem helped spit the shingles for the church top. He was also responsible for keeping the church yards in good shape, a job that has filtered down through the years and is now the responsibility of his son Treeman.
Uncle Lem was married four times. His first three wives, Kizzie Taylor, Nancy Rowell and Lou Bagley died. His last wife, Gussie Bryant is still living (1988) and is a resident of Twin Oaks Home in Alma. Miss Gussie is also a member of the church.

A true farmer, Lem Westberry rose every morning near five o’clock. His breakfast was often a sweet potato that he had roasted in the ashes of the fireplace. He grew corn, sweet potatoes and cane.
A man of his word with lots of friends, his children recall the days of picking up corn stalks, hoeing and other chores designated for them.
They also recall a wooden homemade whistle that was their signal to be home in a hurry and they never doubted that if their “Dad” promised them something, especially a whipping for something they did or something they failed to do, that he would make good on the promise.
Not only was Lem loved and respected by those people in the community, but Uncle Lem also had his own special protector. His name was Bobby, a little dog that actually belonged to Jewell.
Bobby was probably responsible for saving Uncle Lem’s life at least one time when he found him lying against a tree in the woods and fetched help for him.

Lem Westberry died on June 2, 1949, at the age of 93, and was buried at Liberty Church Cemetery in the Bickley Community. As long as Bickley Church stands, a part of his legacy will live on.
Source : Bickley Church 1888-1988, for their Centennial celebration, page 139-140.

Isaiah Taylor, father of Keziah, was born in Appling County in 1827, son of James Taylor. He was married in 1850 to Mary Lee, born 1825 in Appling County, daughter of James Lee. They had seven children.
Mr. Taylor owned and lived on lot of land 218, 5th district of Ware County. He enlisted in the Confederate Army and went off to Virginia and died in the service in 1863. In 1879, the widow and the above seven children sold the timber on the home-place to R. B. Reppard. Mrs. Taylor lived there until she died in 1903.


i. SCRIVEN WESTBERRY, SR, b. December 31, 1879, Ware Co, Georgia; d. February 04, 1944, Ware Co, Georgia; m. (1) MARY LEE COURSON, December 1907; b. January 13, 1894, Georgia; d. September 09, 1920, Ware Co, Georgia; m. (2) MARY ELLEN BRYANT, July 1922; b. June 10, 1891, Georgia; d. November 28, 1972, Ware Co, Georgia.

ii. MARY WESTBERRY, b. October 11, 1881, Ware Co, Georgia; d. April 21, 1950, Ware Co, Georgia; m. (1) THOMAS J. HERSEY, July 21, 1898, Ware Co, Georgia; m. (2) A. J. LITTLE.


iii. OLIVE NEIDA WESTBERRY, b. August 20, 1918, Ware Co, Georgia; d. December 31, 2000, Ware Co, Georgia; m. JAMES W. MCQUAIG.

iv. JEWEL WESTBERRY, b. 1923, Ware Co, Georgia; m. ALBERT DANFORTH; b. December 16, 1923; d. July 18, 1995, Florida.

v. TREEMAN LEMUEL WESTBERRY, b. June 22, 1925, Ware Co, Georgia; d. December 29, 2000, Appling Co, Georgia; m. (1) RUTH NAOMI WHITE, September 05, 1947, Ware Co, Georgia; b. February 16, 1911; d. February 18, 1998; m. (2) PAULINE TAYLOR; d. January 12, 2003, Bacon Co, Georgia.

vi. DOYLE WESTBERRY, b. August 09, 1927, Ware Co, Georgia; m. ETHEL SMITH.

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