Richard Furman Westberry


(MOSES1) was born Abt. 1825 in Liberty Co, Georgia, and died February 05, 1896 in Gardi, Wayne Co, Georgia. He married LUCY HARRIS January 1844, daughter of THOMPSON HARRIS and NANCY URSERY. She was born October 1826 in Laurens Co, Georgia, and died Aft. 1908 in Wayne Co, Georgia.


Served in CSA from Nov 1863 to April 1865, Co E, 4th Georgia Regiment of Calvary.
He was also a Baptist minister.
I think he is buried in the Old Westberry Section of Pendarvis cemetery at Gardi, grave unmarked.

1850 census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Furman, age 24; Lucy, age 24; Nancy, age 8; Manerva, age 5; Lavinia, age 3; David, age 1.
1860 census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Furman, age 34; Lucy, age 35; Manerva, age 15; Lavinia, age 13; James, age 11; William, age 8; Josiah, age 6; John, age 3; Mary A. E., age 5/12; Moses, age 89.
1870 census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Furman, age ?; Lucy, age 46; Joseph, age 15- (Joseph was a name used for Josiah); John, age 13; Jane, age 11; Herman, age 4-(Noah H.).
1880 Census, 333rd GM Dist., Wayne County, Georgia, July 1.
Westberry, Joseph, 60, Day Laborer; Lucy, 60, Wife, Housekeeper; Firman Jr., Son, 18, Single, Day Laborer; Noah, Son, 13. (HH 484, Next door to Noah & Lavinia Westberry Herrin. On the other side was Josiah & Ellen Westberry)

Notes for LUCY HARRIS:
Lucy drew a pension on her husband’s service. She was living in Gardi, Georgia in 1908. The marriage date and her place of birth comes from her pension application.


i. NANCY WESTBERRY , b. February 26, 1842, Georgia; d. September 11, 1880, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. ALFRED CUTHERBERT STRICKLAND, CSA, #; b. January 15, 1831, Georgia; d. June 27, 1910, Georgia.

ii. MINERVA WESTBERRY, b. January 1845, Appling Co, Georgia; m. JOHN SYKES, August 15, 1861, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. 1837, Georgia.

iii. JARED W. WESTBERRY, b. Bet. 1845 – 1849, Appling Co, Georgia; d. September 26, 1926, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. NANCY L. BENNETT, March 28, 1870, Georgia; b. March 31, 1852, Appling Co, Georgia; d. May 05, 1919, Wayne Co, Georgia.

1880 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
J. W. Westberry, 31; Nancy L., 28; Cassidy Lee, 8; William H., 6; Eliott M., 4; James I., 2/12.
1900 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Jared W. Westberry, Apr. 1849; Nancy L., Mar. 1852; Benjamin F., Jan. 1883; Paul A., Jan. 1885; Peter C., Oct. 1888; Lonnie J., Nov. 1890; Thomas E. W., Mar. 1893; Flossie R. L., Nov. 1896.
1910 Census, Ware Co, Georgia.
J. W. Westberry, 61; N. A., 58; Lonnie, 20; Watson, 17; Louise, 14.
1920 Census, Duval Co, Florida.
Is enumerated with his son, Peter Clinton Westberry. He is listed as Jerry W. Wesberry, age 72.

iv. JOSEPH STEWART WESTBERRY, b. February 22, 1846, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. January 11, 1944, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. (1) ELLEN JANE TESTON, Abt. 1882; b. April 1860, Georgia; m. (2) EVA VICTORIA JOHNS, July 10, 1906, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. October 08, 1876, Odum, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. June 10, 1943, Wayne Co, Georgia.

1880 Census, 333rd GM Dist., Wayne County, Georgia, July 1.
Westberry, Joseph, 27, Day Laborer; Ellen, Wife, 20, Housekeeper; Jane, Dau., 2. (HH 486. Next door to Joseph C. Westberry)
1900 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Joseph Westberry, May 1845; Jane, Apr. 1860; Stephen, Jan. 1883; Daniel, Apr. 1885; Tillda, Jan. 1890;
John- (Brantly), Feb. 1892; Clyde, May 1897.
1930 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Westberry, Joe, Head, M, 82 (25 at first marriage), Laborer; Eva, Wife, 53 (15 at first marriage); Sarah, Daughter, 16; Brissel, Sarah A., Sister-in-law to Eva Johns.

1920 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Eva Westberry, 42; Tom, 12; John, 7; Sarah, 4.
Sarah is listed as a daughter.

v. LAVINIA WESTBERRY, b. January 18, 1847, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. July 12, 1916, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. NOAH H. HERRIN, SR, July 21, 1867, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. Abt. 1849, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. 1927, Wayne Co, Georgia.

Notes for NOAH H. HERRIN, SR:
1880 Census, 333rd GM Dist., Wayne County, Georgia, July 1.
Herrin, Noah, 28, Day Laborer; Lavinia, Wife, 34, Housekeeper; Stephen, Son, 12; Berrie, Son, 10; William, Son, 8; Firman, Son, 4; Jane, Dau., 2. (HH 483)

vi. WILLIAM M. WESTBERRY, b. September 1851, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. July 24, 1937, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. SARAH MATILDA HARPER, October 30, 1873, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. 1855, Georgia; d. 1908, Georgia.

1880 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
William M. Westberry, 28; Matilda, 25; William H., 5; Malachi, 3.
1900 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
William Westberry, Sep. 1851; Sarah M., Feb. 1855; Malachi H., Apr. 1877; Claudie, Apr. 1882; Richard, May 1884; Jared C., Feb. 1887; Dock, Jul. 1890; Kate, Dec. 1892; Harry, Sep. 1895; Dolly, May 1898.
1910 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
William Westberry, 58; Buddie, 32; Richard, 24; Dack, 18; Kate, 17; Harry B., 13; Mary, 11.
1920 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
William Westberry, 68; M. H., 43; J. C., 31; H. B., 22; Mary, 20.
1930 Census, Gardi, Wayne Co, Georgia.
William Westberry, 78, Widower, Malichi, Son, 53, Single.

vii. JOHN URSERY WESTBERRY, b. January 24, 1856, Georgia; d. March 24, 1945, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co, Florida; m. MARY JANE JOYNER, September 18, 1877, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. June 1858, Georgia; d. Bef. 1945.

1880 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
John Westberry, 24; Mary, 24; Firman, 5/12.
1900 Census, Ware Co, Georgia.
John Westberry, Jan. 1857; Mary, Jun. 1858; Joseph, May 1880; Lonnie, Mar. 1885; Bessie, Mar. 1890;
Lessie, Aug. 1892; Mary, Oct. 1897.
1920 Census, Ware Co, Georgia.
John Westberry, 62; Mary J., 61; Lessie G., 24; Edward Joyner-(Nephew), 23; Lawrence Westberry-(GS), 14.

viii. MARY JANE WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1859; m. THOMAS E. MOCK, June 23, 1878.

ix. RICHARD FURMAN WESTBERRY, JR, b. February 13, 1863, Georgia; d. November 11, 1924, Ware Co, Georgia; m. (1) ELLA BENNETT, June 12, 1886, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. February 27, 1871, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. April 04, 1894, Ware Co, Georgia; m. (2) EMMA DOROTHY HAMPTON, March 17, 1895, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. August 13, 1875, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. March 24, 1962, Ware Co, Georgia.

1900 Census, Screven, Wayne Co, Georgia, June 26.
Richard F. Westberry, 37, Feb. 1863, M-5 years, Farmer; Emma, Wife, 22 Aug. 1877; Pauline, Dau. (of 1st Wife), 11, Feb. 1889; Ella, Dau. (of 1st Wife), 6, Jan. 1894; Willie, Son, 3, Sep, 1896; Hubbard, Son, 7/12, Oct. 1899.
1910 Census, Ware Co, Georgia.
R. F. Westberry, 47; Emma, 32; Ella, 20; Willie, 13; Hurbart, 10; Alex, 8; John, 5; Frank, 3.
1920 Census, Waycross, Ware County, Georgia, January 15.
Westberry, Richard F., Inspector/Railroad Shops, 53; Emma, Wife, 48; John, Son, 14, Carrier/Newspaper; Frank, Son, 12; Skipper, Ella, Dau., 24, Married.

x. NOAH HERMAN WESTBERRY, b. May 30, 1867, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. May 19, 1950, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. (1) SUSAN ALMA WESTBERRY; b. August 24, 1897; m. (2) MINNIE L. BENNETT, November 26, 1886, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. March 28, 1874, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. February 04, 1922, Wayne Co, Georgia.

The obituary of William M. lists Noah as his brother. Noah is listed in the 1870 Census of his father as Herman.
1900 Census, Ware Co, Georgia.
Nona H. Westberry, May 1867; Minnie, Mar. 1874; Roy, Dec. 1891; Carl, Feb. 1894; Susan, Aug. 1897;
Lucy-(Mother), Oct. 1825.
1910 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Nonah, 42; Minnie, 35; Roy, 18; Carley, 16; Sussie, 12; Willie, 7; Lula, 3.
1920 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
N. H. Westberry, 53; Minnie, 45; Willie, 17; Lula, 13; Lillian, 6; Lonnie Otis-(GS), 7. (Lonnie Otis is Otis Delean.)

3 thoughts on “Richard Furman Westberry”

  1. Hi,
    I am a descendant of Furman Westberry and Lucy Harris through their daughter Mary “Jane” Westberry and Edward “Thomas” Mock. (According to census reports, he was Edward, Edward T., and E T Mock. Because he used the name Thomas, his name was often apparently switched around). They had children: Margaret Ann “Maggie” Mock, J. Riley Mock, Matilda G “Till” or “Tillie” Mock, Edward Lodowick “Ed” Mock, Lucy “Emma” Mock, John David “Jack” Mock, Joseph Samuel “Joe” Mock, Macey Mae Mock, and William J B Mock (the J may have originally been for James, but he was known as Jennings throughout his life).

    I never saw the previous sight but have read a lot of the “notes” now available from that. First question, I saw a couple of comments about Richard Furman Westberry being permanently changed to Joseph Furman Westberry. Does anyone know the basis for that? I thought the 1880 Census which referred to him as Joseph was possibly an error, as we all know that the censuses were full of mistakes. Is there another document which refers to Furman (the one with Lucy) as Joseph? I also thought he was Richard Furman because of the younger being referred to as Richard Furman, Jr. Would like someone to point me to that info which clarifies this if it’s available.

    I just started my family tree a little over a year ago; however, I have filled in almost all of the Mock children from Jane Westberry and Mock spouse, including their spouses and descendants. I have even located 2 descendants from 2 other Mock children of Jane Westberry which are my 3rd or 4th cousins. So, how do I go about adding info to the site here? (I’m trying to get at least the first generation linked on Find a Grave website, but I’m finding that difficult as memorial “owners” will NOT transfer those to me for easier connections to be made). Still trying, though. I have used MANY online records AND connections to other descendants to verify my family tree.

    Are there old Westberry pictures on the site… I can’t find any? Is that yet to come? Looking forward to seeing our HUGE Westberry tree!

    1. I was looking at the Jane Westberry page this morning and I see that Margaret Ann Mock is not listed as a child. Do you have a birth date for her?


  2. It’s true that the 1880 census calls him “Joseph G. Westberry” and misstates his age. In contrast, the 1870 census calls him Furman, 1860 calls him Ferman, and 1850 calls him Fermon. These records are linked by the presence of Lucy, various children, and the occasional Moses.

    _American Civil War Soldiers_ mentions that “Richard Westberry” enlisted on 9 Sep 1861.
    _Georgia Confederate Pension Applications, 1879-1960_, shows a “Richard F. Westberry” of Wayne County, applying in 1879 for money to buy a prosthetic leg. (He scores $100). His application states that he signed up as a private in Company F, 29th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry (Stephens’ Brigade) and lost his left leg below the knee on 6 August 1864 as a result of a battle wound on 22 July 1864 in Atlanta. He appoints Wm. A. Wright of Atlanta as his attorney for execution of the petition.

    Note that on her application for a Widow’s Pension, Lucy Harris Westberry appoints W. A. Wright of Atlanta as her attorney for execution of her petition in relation to “Ferman Westberry”, whom she married in 1844.

    This seems like pretty definitive proof that his legal name was Richard F. Westberry, and that he went informally by “Ferman Westberry”, and that the person who collected data for the 1880 census got a lot of names and dates wrong. (Note that Lucy Westberry was illiterate.)

    (Richard F. Westberry is my 4x-great grandfather, and Moses Westberry is my 5x via his second wife, Elizabeth Bennett. Concerning the 2-Elizabeths confusion mentioned in the Moses Westberry profile: DNA evidence confirms the second Elizabeth.)

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