James Madison Westberry


(JAROD2, MOSES1) was born 1836 in Liberty Co, Georgia, and died 1899 in Echols Co, Georgia. He married MARY CATHERINE “KATIE” HIERS March 05, 1854 in Hamilton Co, Florida, daughter of DANIEL HIERS and NANCY HUNTER. She was born Abt. 1834 in Quitman, Georgia, and died 1912 in Echols Co, Georgia.

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James Madison Westberry
Mary Catherine Hiers Westberry
Mary Catherine Hiers Westberry






James Madison Westberry was born in Liberty County, Georgia in 1836, a son of Jared Westberry and Nancy A., unknown surname.
His parents moved from Lowndes County, Georgia to Hamilton County, Florida, near Jasper, about 1840. On March 5, 1854 in Hamilton County, Florida, James M. Westberry married Mary Catherine Hiers, born in 1834 in South Carolina. She was the daughter of Daniel Hiers and Nancy Hunter.
James M. Westberry served in the Piscola Volunteers, Company “C”, 26th Georgia Infantry. Military records indicate he enlisted as a private on August 1, 1863 and served continuously until his surrender at Appomattox, Virginia on April 9, 1865. After the war he returned to his home in Echols County, Georgia.
Catherine Heirs Westberry joined Bethel Primitive Baptist Church by experience and baptism in June of 1861. She later was dismissed by letter in February of 1868.
James M. was a farmer as was his father before him. James died in 1899 and Catherine died in 1912. They are buried in Sassers Landing Cemetery in Hamilton County, Florida, between Jennings and Jasper. Their graves are marked.

1860 Census, Brooks Co, Georgia
James Westberry, 25; Catherine, 28; William, 5; Berrian, 4-(Berrian Madison); Robert, 3; Ann, 1–Nickname for Nancy.
1870 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
James Westberry, 35; Mary, 36; Berry, 15; Laura, 12-Nancy Laura; Robert, 10; John, 8; Sallie, 5.
1880 Census, Brooks Co, Georgia.
J. M. Westberry, 44; Catherine, 46; B. M., 24; Nancy, 25; Sallie, 14; Mitchell, 10; Anna, 6.

James Madison and his wife, Mary Catherine, were living with their youngest son, Mitchell, in 1899 in Echols Co, Georgia. After a supper collard greens and cornbread, James lay down. He complained that he could not breathe, so Mitchell, thinking he had indigestion, helped him to sit up. He died then in Mitchell’s arms. Possible heart attack. (As told by Mary Catherine Westberry, daughter of Mitchell, to Charles Westberry.)

Mary Catherine’s age has stayed steady for two census recordings. It is safe to assume that she was born about 1834.
In the 1900 Census, she is listed as being born in May 1818 in South Carolina. Her tombstone shows her year of birth as 1827.
The 1870 census records her name as Mary, which was the name given to me by a great-grandaughter of Mary Catherine.

She is living with her father in 1850, Lowndes Co, Georgia.


i. WILLIAM FENNON WESTBERRY, b. December 25, 1854, Hamilton Co, Florida; d. December 01, 1935, Manatee Co, Florida; m. (1) SARAH BOONE, October 29, 1874, Lowndes Co, Georgia; b. 1859, Georgia; m. (2) FRANCES ELIZABETH SCOTT, March 14, 1891, Lowndes Co, Georgia; b. March 17, 1871, Georgia; d. February 07, 1940, Manatee Co, Florida.

1880 Census, Hamiliton Co, Florida.
William Westberry, 25; Sarah, 21; William, 4; Caty (Sp), 2.
1900 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
William F. Westberry, Dec. 1854; Fannie, Mar. 1871; Ada, Feb. 1883; Thomas, Feb. 1886; Riley, May 1889.
Children after this date belong to the second wife, Fannie Elizabeth Scott.
Mary, Apr. 1894; Gordon, Apr. 1895; Clarence, Jun. 1896; Eddie, Mar. 1898; Myrtie, May 1900.
1910 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
William F. Westberry, 55; Fannie L., 39; Mary D., 15; Clarence, 14; Eddy, 12; Mertle, 10; Laurence, 7; Elzie, 3.
1920 Census, Wrights Chapel, Echols County, Georgia, January 20.
Westberry, W. F., 66, Farmer; Fannie, Wife, 49; Ed, Son, 21, Single; Myrtie, Dau., 20, Single; Lawrence, Son, 18, Single; Elzie, Son, 12. (HH 41)
1930 Census, Manatee Co, Florida.
Westberry, William, 75; Fannie, 60; Elzie, 22; Olive, 18 (Wife of Elzie).

ii. BERRIAN MADISON WESTBERRY, b. March 1856, Hamiliton Co, Florida; d. February 21, 1937, Echols Co, Georgia; m. WINIFRED HODGES; b. January 1866, Georgia; d. 1912, Georgia.

1900 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
Harry Westberry, Mar. 1856; Winnie, Jan. 1866; Samuel L., Jul. 1884; Lula B., Sep. 1887; Sarah B., Sep. 1894.
1910 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
Berry M. Westberry, 53; Winnifred, 44; Sarah B., 15; Ewell, 8.
1920 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
B. M. Westberry, 62. (Enumerated with Seab Padgett, 23, Malissie, Wife, 19) HH 46

iii. JAMES ROBERT WESTBERRY, #, b. November 18, 1857, Echols Co, Georgia; d. October 23, 1933, Echols Co, Georgia; m. SARAH ELENA “SELENA” KINSEY, Abt. 1878; b. May 04, 1852, South Carolina; d. November 26, 1926, Echols Co, Georgia.

1900 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
James R. Westberry, Nov, 1857; Selena E., May 1852, South Carolina; James M., Jan. 1879; John H., Sep. 1881; Louellen, Dec. 1882; Columbus, Feb. 1885; Artise, Sep. 1886; Allen, May 1888; Forest L., Oct. 1896.
1910 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
James R. Westberry, 53; Salena, 59; Forest W., 20; Rosa M., 13; Columbus, 23; Maude; 16-Dau-in- law. (Wife of Columbus.).
1920 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
Robert Westberry; 57; Sarah, 54.

iv. NANCY LAURA WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1859, Echols Co, Georgia; d. 1935, Echols Co, Georgia; m. JEFFERSON D. CORBETT; b. July 30, 1861.

1920 Census, Wrights Chapel, Echols County, Georgia, June 28.
Corbett, J. D., 60, No Occupation; Nancy, Wife, 60. (Chapel Road)
1930 Census, Wrights Chapel, MD 1211, Echols County, Georgia, April 16.
Corbett, Jefferson D., 69, Farmer; Nancy E., Wife, 67; Martha, Sister, 75, Single; Jefferson H., GSon, 15; Nicholson, Thos. W., Boarder, 58, Div., Farm Laborer.

v. JOHN WESTBERRY, b. 1862, Echols Co, Georgia.

I have talked with Mary Catherine Westberry, daughter of Mitchell about John. She knew all those that were living, but said John was not one of them, nor did she hear anyone speak of him. Her father, Mitchell, was his brother and he never mentioned him.
Perhaps he died at a very young age, as he is not listed in the next census.

vi. MARY CATHERINE WESTBERRY, b. September 1862, Echols Co, Georgia; m. JEFF KINSEY.

vii. SALLY WESTBERRY, b. May 11, 1868, Echols Co, Georgia; d. May 14, 1963, Echols Co, Georgia; m. JAMES CALVIN CARTER; b. 1866; d. 1941.

1920 Census, Wrights Chapel, Echols County, Georgia, January 26.
Carter, Calvin, 54, Farmer; Sallie, Wife, 44; Selma, Dau., 20, Single. (Statenville & Lake Park Road, HH 90)

viii. MITCHELL REILLY WESTBERRY, b. July 12, 1870, Echols Co, Georgia; d. March 17, 1967, Lowndes Co, Georgia; m. CARRIE CORNEILA PORTER; b. April 1876; d. November 1926, Echols Co, Georgia.

1900 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
Catherine Westberry, May 1818-Mother; Mitchell, Jul. 1871-Son; Catherine, Sep. 1862-Daughter; Bertie Kinsey, May 1885-Grand-daughter.
1910 Census, Lake Park, Lowndes County, Georgia, May 11.
Westberry, Mitchell, 39, Farmer, Married 8 Years; Carrie, Wife, 37; Ira, Son, 8; Olin, Son, 7; Ruth, Dau., 1; Catherine, Mother, 82, Wid., 9 Children Born-7 Living.
1920 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
Mitch Westberry, 49; Carrie, 43; Ira, 17; Olin, 16; Ruth, 10; Catherine, 5; Emory, 1.
1930 Census, Columbia Co, Florida.
Westberry, Mitch, 56; Ira, 28; Catherine, 15; Emory, 10; Cliford, 8.

ix. ANNAH WESTBERRY, b. 1874, Lake Park, Georgia; d. Largo, Florida; m. CHARLES DAVID DUKES; b. April 01, 1867, Echols Co, Georgia; d. 1940.


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