Georgiana Westberry


(JAROD2, MOSES1) was born 1849 in Hamiliton Co, Florida. She married RENATUS DOWNING February 12, 1873, son of RENATUS DOWNING and SARAH HIERS. He was born Abt. 1850.

i. MARY A. DOWNING, b. 1872.
ii. JANNA C. DOWNING, b. 1873.
iii. NANCY A. DOWNING, b. 1874.
iv. JENNIE E. DOWNING, b. March 1877.
v. SARAH L. DOWNING, b. September 1878.
vi. MARGARET J. DOWNING, b. 1880.
vii. WILLIAM E. DOWNING, b. October 1881.
viii. JOHN R. DOWNING, b. March 1883.
ix. LORA E. DOWNING, b. October 1885.
x. BELLE I. DOWNING, b. December 1886.
xi. LEONARD F. DOWNING, b. January 1889.
xii. JAMES A. DOWNING, b. March 1891.
xiii. BESSIE DOWNING, b. June 1892.


One thought on “Georgiana Westberry”

  1. This entire grouping is incorrect. This family is Henry T DOWLING and wife Georgia. You can track all of the census records for this family. (1870 – 1910) – Even the death record for the Georgia listed above states she is not a Westberry. I know this family was listed in Geraldine Westberry Johnson’s book but there was no supporting documentation and I believe included in error.
    The marriage record clearly states Georgia Westberry married Ronatus Downing.

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