Rev. Moses Sr.

The Westberry family of today recognizes Moses Westberry as the Patriarch of our family.
Moses Westberry was born March 2, 1772 near the village of Statesburg in the state of South Carolina. He spent most of his life in the Wiregrass area of Georgia as a minister of the gospel. The Reverend Moses Westberry worked very hard at and was devoted to establishing a God-fearing community among the residents of Georgia. He was driven not to just establish a church of wood and stone for all to see but to establish a church in the hearts of men and women that God could see.
By Carey Madison Westberry


Rev. Moses Westberry Sr. was born March 02, 1772 in High Hills Santee, Statesburg, South Carolina, and died Abt. 1864 in Holmesville, Appling Co, Georgia. He married (1) ELIZABETH BROWN Bet. 1795 – 1799 in Edgefield Co, South Carolina, daughter of ROBERT BROWN and UNKNOWN. She was born Bet. 1775 – 1780, and died Abt. 1812 in Georgia. He married (2) ELIZABETH BENNETT Abt. 1815 in Georgia, daughter of RICHARD BENNETT and MARY COOK. She was born Abt. 1785 in Georgia, and died Bef. 1860 in Georgia.

Notes for REV. MOSES WESTBERRY, SR *: Was his name William Moses?

Small amounts of information have appeared that shows that the father of Moses may have been a Furman. Possibly Capt. Josiah Furman, brother of Rev. Richard Furman. His mother was possibly Sarah Westbury, a daughter of William Westbury.
In 1780, William was appointed guardian of a Joshua Jones, nephew, listed as 15 years of age. I have found that ages given then were not too accurate. This could be our Moses.
William died two years later. Moses states in the Jones Creek Church records, “according to the records left by my parents…”

Moses is first found in Georgia in Tattnall County in June 1803, though he is listed in Edgefield Co, South Carolina in December 1799 as Moses Westbury of Georgia.
We assume from available information that he was in Edgefield County, South Carolina in December 1799. This area is North Augusta, Georgia now. Where was he in 1800- 1802? Speculation puts him in Georgia.
The borders in that area at that time were in doubt, so he could have been in South Carolina, yet been said to be in Georgia.

No one knows when he died or where he is buried. The churches had suspended conferences because so many members were off to war. It is accepted that he died in 1864 and was buried at Bethlehem Baptist Church.
After a great deal of research, I have concluded that he is buried at the Old Bethel Church on Holmesville Road going out of Jesup.
It is near his place of death, Holmesville P. O. District and his oldest son was already buried there.
It looks as if Moses stopped actively preaching in 1848 (about 76 years old) and was disabled by 1855. He did make a few appearances between those years. In the 1860 census he is listed as a farmer living with Furman Westberry, his youngest son, at Holmesville Post Office district.

Moses Westberry received a grant of land in 23 Dist., Wilkinson Co., Georgia; (now Twiggs Co.), Georgia on November 15, 1810. He states he was from Tattnall Co., Georgia.

This PDF is taken from the minutes of the Beards Creek Baptist Church.

1804: Beards Creek Church being orderly constituted by the Revs. *John Goldwire*, John Stanfield, Isham Peacock and David Hennessy, orderly Baptist ministers on the 29th of December, 1804 which was carried into effect by a sermon, ably defended by the Revd John Goldwire on the 13th second Cor. and part of the 5th. Examine yourselves whether you be in the faith.

* In 1782, John Goldwire was adjudged guilty of treason. His punishment was amercement whereby he was fined a percentage of his property.

Then was Jacob Dees and Moses Westberry ordained as Deacons after which the Lords Supper was administered and Bro. Hennessy called as the pastor of said church. The answer was, when obtained, as long as they could agree.

July 1809
No Conference. But on the 19th of this month, Brethren John Stanford and John Goldwire came according to the request of the church, and after hearing and examining Brother Moses Westberry, they together with Brother Hennessey proceeded to his Ordination on the 19th of this month.

August 19, 1809
Conference opened in order. Resolved that Brother Westberrys Credentials be recorded at the next conference. On the 20th of August Brother Jacob Dees was restored to fellowship into this church again. Resolved that Brethren Thomas Griffen and Jeremiah Slade go as messengers this year to the association. From the 20th of August to the 17th of February 1810, was little or nothing transacted in the church, and no records have been kept during this time.

July 14, 1810
Conference opened in order. Mr. Baxters request taken under consideration. Resolved that a short statement of the dealings of the church with Mr. Baxter and wife be drawn up by the clerk and presented to the church at our next conference, also that the clerk prepare a letter for Brother Hobbs and present to the church at our next conference, and likewise a letter of dismission for Brother Westberry, agreeable to his request.

September 19, 1812
Conference opened in order. Appointed brother John Dees to write a letter of dismission for Sister Westberry.

PDF from minutes of Jones Creek Baptist Church

It must be noted here that the first few years of the original minutes of the Jones Creek church are missing and that later, possibly about 1819-20, someone sat down and wrote what is accepted as the minutes now.
The minutes pick up again in orderly fashion in 1818.

Copy of First Minute Book
Church Book for Jones Creek

The inhabitants of Jones Creek were a people destitute of the preached Gospel, of course extremely uncultivated in mind and body. Therefore, it pleased Almighty God in His merciful providence as claiming a part of its inhabitants as His dear children, to call, qualify and send to us our well-beloved brother and pastor in Christ, Moses Westberry, through whose indefatigable labors under God we were planted a Church. We were constituted April 22nd in the year of our- Lord, 1810 by the Reverend Brethern John Goldwire and Moses Westberry. Immediately after this event we unanimously called our well-beloved brother Moses Westberry to take the pastoral care of us, who after some few months deliberation kindly consented and has served us since to the present time, 1818; and will still continue we hope and trust through the blessings of God.

A sketch of the birth and baptism of the Reverend Moses Westberry, Pastor of the Baptist Church at Jones Creek, Liberty County, Georgia: According to the record left by his parents he was born in the State of South Carolina, High Hills of Santee, near a village called Statesborough, on the second day in March in the year of our Lord, 1772, and was baptized upon a profession of faith in Christ by the Reverend David Hennessey in the waters of Beards Creek in the month of August, 1804 as a member of Beards Creek Church, Georgia, Tattnall County.

The Baptism of Elizabeth Westberry, wife of the Reverend Moses Westberry: She was baptized upon a public profession of faith in Christ Jesus by the Reverend David Hennessey in the waters of Beards Creek, Tattnall County, in the month of March, 1809, as a member of Beards Creek Church.

July 25, 1818
Conference opened by preaching. Sister Westberry applied for membership by letter and was received.
NOTE: Rachel and Amelia were already members at this time. That would also apply to his first wife. I would say that this is Elizabeth Bennett Westberry, the second wife of Moses.
Brother Westberry requested the Church to investigate his conduct respecting a charge laid against him at Sarepta. The Church here received the investigation. The Church of Jones Creek consider the charge laid against Brother Westberry by the Sarepta Church is no charge; that Brother Westberry is right in his manner of leaving them.
Appointed Brethern William Smith, C. Flowers and Westberry as delegates to the next Association. Appointed Brother Westberry to write the letter.

Amelia Westberry, our beloved sister, was baptized by her father and our pastor, the Reverend Moses Westberry in 1823.
Richard Horn, Rachel Westberry and Laney Lefiles were baptized 24th of May 1823 by the Reverend Moses Westberry.


“A pine log church
And a pine bark steeple
A grog-selling pastor
And a drunken people.”

A stranger passing along the old Darien Road in Liberty County, Georgia in the 1820’s came upon the Jones Creek Meetinghouse, stopped, camped for the night, and the next morning before departing wrote this little bit of doggrel and attached it to the plain pine church door, or so goes the story. The stranger’s characterization seems unfair, though the records show that the church was beset with all the common frailties and shortcomings suffered by mankind. If he could pass this way again today, there can be no doubt that his comments would read differently, for looking back 175 years it is evident that the consecration of this church and its performance have made it a shining light in the community, ever pointing the way onward and upward to God’s Eternal Kingdom that awaits all who choose to follow Him.
Although it has been said that Jones Creek is the ninth oldest Baptist church in the state, there were at least that many formed in Georgia before the United States Government was established in 1789. In any event, it is one of the older churches of this denomination in the region.
It was constituted on April 22, 1810, by the Reverends John Goldwire and Moses Westherry and thirteen members from Beard’s Creek Church, then in Liberty, now (Long) County, who had been dismissed a week earlier for that purpose.
Their names were:
Charles and Martha Flowers, James and Abigail Clark, Levi and Sarah Morgan, John and Mary Hall, Henry and Fanny Lowry, John and Lydia Bohannon and Mary Chapman.

This is to certify that this church at Jones Creek, called Jones Creek Church, was established on the 22d of April 1810, by the Rev. Brethren John Goldwire and Moses Westberry.



Moses Westberry, the first pastor of Jones Creek Church, was born near Stateburg in the High Hills of Santee in South Carolina on March 2, 1772. He moved to Edgefield County and settled on Cuffytown Creek, and before 1799 to the upper end of Liberty (after 1801, Tattnall) County, Georgia.
Upon a profession of faith, he was baptized in the waters of Beard’s Creek by the Rev. David Hennessey in August 1804, and on December 29 of that year, he helped to organize the Beard’s Creek Baptist Church, and was ordained a deacon. He married Elizabeth, a daughter of Richard Bennett. She was baptized a member of Beard’s Creek in March 1809. He was ordained to the ministry on July 19, 1809, by the Reverends Hennessey, John Goldwire, and John Stafford. While traveling through the western part of Liberty County, he felt called to establish a church there; erected a brush arbor on the west side of Jones Creek, and conducted services until the church was formally organized in April 1810. Along with several other members of Beard’s Creek, he was dismissed on July 14, 1810, to organize Sarepta Church in Tattnall where he and his wife were members until transferring to Jones Creek. He was called to the pastorate of Jones Creek when it was formed and served until December 23, 1848. He also served churches in Liberty, Tattnall, McIntosh, Wayne and Appling Counties for more than half a century.
Though somewhat intemperate in his habits at times, he was a great churchman and community leader. He was a justice of the peace for Tattnall County, 1803-08, and for Liberty County after 1815.
He was among a small group that met at Little Canoochee Church and organized the Piedmont Association on October 20, 1815, the first Baptist association formed in South Georgia. He was its first moderator and later its clerk, serving several terms in the first capacity between 1815 and 1848, and in the latter several terms between 1818 and 1829.
After about ten years residence in Liberty County, he moved to Appling and was later placed in Wayne when a portion of the former was added to the latter. He died in 1864 at the venerable age of 92 and was buried at Bethlehem Church in Wayne County.

March 26. Rev. Westberry asked the conference whether it thought that he had ever been called to preach the Gospel and whether he had preached it faithfully, and the church gave him a vote of confidence.

March 22. Voted to purchase a Testament to be kept in the meetinghouse.
December 27. A committee consisting of Charles Flowers, Banner Thomas and William Smith, Jr., to visit Rev. Westberry and admonish him as he drinks too much.

October 21. A committee consisting of James Brewer, A.J. Baggs, and John Chapman, was to visit Brother Westberry, Sr., and minister to his needs.

April 21. S. M. Chapman was appointed to go to Moses Westberry with constitution, and having no constitution, H.F. Horne, W.B. Smith, and W.H. Parker were authorized to write one for the church.
August 25. Brother Westberry was extended conveniences, but because of his inabilities refused to come. The Negro conference was changed back to the regular one.


The records show her as an unknown Brown, daughter of a Robert Brown. It shows ONLY that they were living in Edgefield Co, South Carolina in 1799, presumed to be married. The name Elizabeth is taken from the Beards/Jones Creek Church records in Georgia. No date for the birth of the wife of Moses shows in records until the 1850 census.

i. JOSIAH WESTBERRY, b. Bet. 1798 – 1803, South Carolina – Liberty Co, Georgia; d. Bet. 1845 – 1850, Appling Co, Georgia; m. RACHEL WEST; b. Abt. 1805, Barnwell District, South Carolina; d. June 1881, Wayne Co, Georgia.

1850 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Rachel Westberry 1810/40; Charlton 1826/24; John 1831/19; Mary A. 1837/13; Justina (Julianna) 1839/11; Josiah 1841/9; Randall 1844/6.

Notes for RACHEL WEST:
In the 1850 census, Rachael is head of household.
In 1880 she is living alone and is listed as 75 YO, being born in Georgia.
Her father and mother are also listed as being born in Georgia.

Her sons (James Randall) death certificate states that she was born in Virginia.

ii. RACHAEL WESTBERRY, b. Bet. 1800 – 1805, Georgia.

There is no evidence to show that Rachael Westberry, daughter of Moses, married a James Moody, Sr, as some so state.
Her birthdate and birthplace are not now known, but he was old enough to be her granpa.
In the Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, Volume 5, page 496, first published in 1967, lists the year of birth of Rachael as 1808.
Her sister, Amelia, was baptised in 1823. A Rachael Westberry was also baptised the next day. It would only seem that two sisters would be baptised at the same time, though there are those that claim the Rachael Westberry baptised in the same year as Amelia is the wife of Josiah.
Too, Rachael Westberry is mentioned as being a member of the church before 1820.

iii. NOAH WESTBERRY, SR., b. Bet. 1800 – 1807, South Carolina – Liberty Co, Georgia; d. 1858, Appling Co, Georgia; m. NANCY C. STRICKLAND, 1828, Georgia; b. 1813, Liberty Co, Georgia; d. 1875, Appling Co, Georgia.

1850 Census Appling Co, Georgia.
Noah Westberry 1804; Nancy 1813; Richard 1835; Noah 1837; Seleta A. 1839; Caleb 1841; Jathan S. 1845 (Jathan was a nickname for Jonathan); John 1848.
1860 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Nancy Westberry 46; Leacy A. 18; Caleb 16; David 15; John 11; William 8; Nancy 2.
1870 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Nancy Westberry 54; Caleb 24; John 18; William 15; Lucy A. 26; Nancy 11; Robert 2.

The wife of Noah was proved to be a Strickland by the death certificates of two of her sons.

iv. AMELIA WESTBERRY, b. Bet. 1800 – 1810, Liberty Co, Georgia.

Amelia was the daughter of Rev. Moses and Elizabeth Westberry. Not much is known about her, but she was mentioned in the minutes of the Jones Creek Baptist Church, Liberty Co., 1810-1826, as being the beloved daughter of Rev Moses Westberry and baptized by him in 1823.
Amelia’s year of birth is another case of not knowing when she was born, so assigning a year that looks feasible.
No records have been uncovered that pertain to Amelia.
It is possible that Amelia and Elizabeth were the same person as Amelia Elizabeth was a common name at that time. Too, one of the daughters would have been named after the mother.

v. REV. MOSES WESTBERRY, JR., b. Bet. 1804 – 1807, Liberty Co, Georgia; d. April 12, 1887, Brooks Co, Georgia; m. (1) EDITH UNKNOWN; b. Abt. 1805, Georgia; d. Bet. 1848 – 1853, Lowndes Co, Georgia; m. (2) SARAH GEORGE, September 01, 1853, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. Abt. 1820; d. Abt. 1874, Georgia; m. (3) NANCY PARRISH NEWTON TAYLOR, August 07, 1875, Brooks Co, Georgia; b. April 1839; d. February 1892.

1840 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
1850 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
Moses Westberry, 44; Edith, 45; Evelina, 19; Ajuniah J., 18; Nancy A., 17; Eliza A., 14; Matilda, 13; Sarah L., 11; John S., 12; Mary A., 9; Marietta, 2.
1860 Census, Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, June 21.
Moses Westberry, 52, Farmer & Minister; Sally, 40; Elisa, 23, Seamstress; John, 22, Ploughman (sic); Matilda A., 20, Seamstress; Sarah, 19, Seamstress; Mary Ann, 17, Seamstress. (HH 226)
1870 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
Moses Westberry, 63; Sarah-(Sally), 64; Matilda A., 28; Sarah L., 27.
1880 Census, Ousley (1246), Lowndes Co, Georgia, June 15.
Westberry, Moses, 73, Farmer; Nancy, Wife, 40, Keeping House; Sarah, Dau., 27??, Single, at Home (Cannot Write); Henderson, John, GSon, 24, Single, Farm Laborer (Cannot Read or Write).

Notes for EDITH UNKNOWN: Edith was probably a Deas/Dees.

vi. CALEB WESTBERRY, b. Bet. 1805 – 1820, Georgia; m. KEZIAH CHAPMAN; b. Bet. 1808 – 1820.

1860 Census, 942 Dist., Brownville, Paulding County, Georgia, July 21.
G. Rentz, 70, Born GA, Farmer; Kissa, 52, Born GA; Albert Westberry, 22, Born GA, Farm Manager; Louisa, 18, Born SC; Henry D., 1, Born GA.

vii. JAROD WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1809, Liberty Co, Georgia; d. Aft. 1870, Lowndes or Brooks Co, Georgia; m. NANCY ANN ELIZABETH; b. Abt. 1814, Georgia; d. Aft. 1870, Lowndes Co, Georgia area.

1840 Census shows Jarod with 3 Males, 3 females.
1850 Census, Hamiliton Co, Florida.
Jarod, 1809/41; Nancy A., 1814/36; Nancy A. E., 1833/17; James M., 1836/14; Mariah, 1838/12; William S., 1840/10; Mary, 1842/8; Martha, 1842/8; Sarah J., 1845/5; Sevellen, 1847/3; Georgianna, 1849/1.
1860 Census, Jasper, Hamilton County, Florida, June 22.
Jerry Westbury, 52, Born in GA, Farmer; Nancy, 45, Born in GA; William S., 20, Born in GA; Martha, 18, Born in GA; Mary, 18, Born in FL; Martha, 17, Born in FL; Sevillin, 14, Born in FL; George, 11, Born in FL; Lavinia, 7, Born in FL; Elizabeth, 5, Born in FL. (It appears that Martha was entered twice.)
1870 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia
Jared, 61; Nancy, 50; Sevellin, 23; Georgia Ann, 20; Levinia, 18; Elizabeth, 16; Fermon, 2; Janice, 1.

Notes for NANCY ANN ELIZABETH: Nancy was probably a Deas/Dees.

viii. ELIZABETH WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1812, Georgia; m. HUMPHREY STRICKLAND; b. 1803, North Carolina.


I have read in some articles that Elizabeth Bennett could not have been the wife of Moses. The reason given that Elizabeth was born on so and so year, meaning her parents were not married.
Yet the age for the wife of Moses is first published in the 1850 census. Moses was ‘married’ 50+ years by then. Who is to say that he did not have two wives named Elizabeth? Elizabeth was a very common name for a female in that era. It was a common practice for people to have a child out of “wedlock” in those times, there being no civilian or church ‘authorities’ around to legalize the birth. That would come when a minister or a government authority would visit the village.
One must also remember that Judge Folks Huxford, the author of the Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia, talked to our ancestors at the turn of the century and recorded what was said.
Now it would seem that the Westberry people remembered Elizabeth Bennett as their granma, and it was recorded by the Judge. Few would remember Elizabeth Brown because she had been dead for so long.
There are a few birthless years between 1810-20, so I use that as the time period when Brown died and Bennett took her place.

Westberry Bennett? Born in 1815. Connection there? Possibly. ( I think his name was James Westberry Bennett)

Remember, in research, take nothing for granted. Children come from out of wedlock, they also come from incest. Incest was very common at that time in our history.
You cannot deny history by changing the facts and presenting it as such. Someone will find the truth and publish it.

ix. RABUN WESTBERRY, CSA, b. Abt. 1819, Georgia; d. Aft. 1870, Berrien Co, Georgia; m. CELISIA STRICKLAND; b. 1821, Georgia.

1860 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Rabon Westberry, 40; Leacy, 40; Simon, 17; Susan, 16; Moses, 15; Elizabeth, 11; Rabon-(Knighten), 13; Manly, 9; Elbert, 8; Nancy, 6; John, 4; Mary, 2.
1870 Census, Appling Co, Georgia
Rabun Westberry, 54; Celisie N., 42; Nighten, 17; Able-(Albert), 15; Nancy, 13; John, 12; Mary, 11.

x. JULIA ANN WESTBERRY, b. 1822, Liberty Co, Georgia; d. 1906, Echols Co, Georgia; m. GEORGE HARRIS, SR, Georgia; b. 1821, Appling Co, Georgia; d. 1894, Brooks Co, Georgia.

1860 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
HARRIS, George 41; Julia A. 40; Mary A.18; Elizabeth 15; James 13; Nancy 11; John 9; Richard 7; Sarah A. 5; Joseph 3; Solomon 2.

xi. RICHARD FURMAN WESTBERRY, CSA, b. Abt. 1825, Liberty Co, Georgia; d. February 05, 1896, Gardi, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. LUCY HARRIS, January 1844; b. October 1826, Laurens Co, Georgia; d. Aft. 1908, Wayne Co, Georgia.

1850 census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Furman, age 24; Lucy, age 24; Nancy, age 8; Manerva, age 5; Lavinia, age 3; David, age 1.
1860 census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Furman, age 34; Lucy, age 35; Manerva, age 15; Lavinia, age 13; James, age 11; William, age 8; Josiah, age 6; John, age 3; Mary A. E., age 5/12; Moses, age 89.
1870 census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Furman, age ?; Lucy, age 46; Joseph, age 15- (Joseph was a name used for Josiah); John, age 13; Jane, age 11; Herman, age 4-(Noah H.).
1880 Census, 333rd GM Dist., Wayne County, Georgia, July 1.
Westberry, Joseph, 60, Day Laborer; Lucy, 60, Wife, Housekeeper; Firman Jr., Son, 18, Single, Day Laborer; Noah, Son, 13. (HH 484, Next door to Noah & Lavinia Westberry Herrin. On the other side was Josiah & Ellen Westberry)

Notes for LUCY HARRIS:
Lucy drew a pension on her husband’s service. She was living in Gardi, Georgia in 1908.
The marriage date and her place of birth comes from her pension application.

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  1. Hi I am one of Mose ‘s great-great etc. granddaughter my mother was Ruby Westberry born in Georgia and her father was Roy who was the son of Noah and Minnie Westberry. Their is a hugh family out their if only we can contact them. I was wondering did you go to the family reunion in the mid 1980’s> I have been looking for someone with information on the book were we signed our name.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I am a descendant of Simeon Westberry. I have not been to any family reunions. But it would be nice to go to one.
      I hope to get more visitors so more content can be added to the site.


      1. Hello,

        I am a direct descendant of Rev Moses Westberry. My father is Richard Westbury. My grandfather is Roy Westbury. Roy’s father was Herbert Westbury. Herbert’s father was Adoniram Judson Westberry. Adoniram is the son of Moses Westbury Jr which is the son of Rev Moses Westberry Sr. Rev Moses Westberry Sr. would be my great-grandfather 4 times.

        David Westbury
        Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

        1. George Washington Westberry, whom passed in 2002, was my Grand Daddy on my fathers side, Thomas Westberry, passed in 1999.was my father. No family can be better than the Westberry family to be a apart of.

    2. Barbara

      I just looked at Noah Herman Westberry’s page. And I noticed there is no dates, birth, death, etc… for your mother Ruby. Would you like to submit her, your own and any other info. to be added to the site? You can leave it in a comment or you can email through the contact page above.


    3. Hi,

      My name is Penny Carroll. Rev. Moses Westberry was my grandmothers grandfather. Noah and Minnie Westberry were her Parents. My grandmothers name was Lula Mae Westberry, She married my grandfather Millard A. Jackson. My mother, Helen Jackson Harris is Mae and Millards’ youngest living daughter. Out of all of their children, my mother and her older brother Vernon Jackson are the only living relatives left. My grandparents are buried at Bethlehem Cemetery as well. Rev. Westberry is buried caticorner of my grandparents grave to the left, there use to be a big tree over Rev. Westberry’s grave, it has recently been cut down. I recently moved to Jesup two years ago and attend Parkway Church of God where I serve as Director of Children’s Church Ministries but I feel the Lord is guiding me further into the ministry. I always felt I had a connection to Rev. Moses Westberry and my mother confirmed it this past Sunday when we were talking about my grandmother whom I miss very much. She passed away May 8, 1985.

  2. Hi I am Charles Arnold My GrandMother Mary was the Grandaughter of Moses Westberry Jr.

    All comments are welcome Thanks Charles.

  3. Thank you all for this detailed history. I am a great, great grand daughter of Minerva Westberry, via her daughter, Frances Elizabeth Sykes, who married Nathan Gardner and gave birth to my paternal grandmother, Rodella… She always spelled it “Rhodella”, though, and she celebrated her birthday on August 3rd. It is very interesting to see a different date of birth stated in this family history. She married Benjamin Franklin Richardson, son of David Carter Richardson and Cordelia, both of Gardi, GA.

    It is also interesting to find another ancestor who served in the CSA.

    We grew up hearing tales of being descended from the Carolinas and that somewhere in the tree someone was married to a Cherokee Indian princess. Also, we were told there were “Roddenberry’s” in the history. Anyone with any info on this, please feel free to email me at “” .

    Debra Richardson
    Hollywood, FL

  4. Quite a few years ago there was a website that had this same information but was updated with present-day information. I had it bookmarked and then it suddenly went offline. I contacted the company who hosted the information and apparently the person who ran the site died and they removed the site after inactivity. They would not give me access to the information and I’ve been trying to find it ever since. Somewhere along the Westberry line they married a DeBary and I’m a descendant of that line.

    If anyone knows of the document I am talking about and has a copy, please send it to my email address Thank you.

  5. My Grandma (my Mother’s mom, Mary Lou Westberry) is the daughter of Andrew Jackson Westberry, Sr—son of John Bennett Westberry, son of James Randall Westberry, son of Josiah Westberry, son of Moses Westberry, Sr.

  6. In the for what it is worth category concerning the parentage of Rev Moses: I am Westberry through and through, descended from Noah Westberry and Nancy Caroline Strickland AND Rabon Westberry and Seleta Strickland. Noah’s son Richard married Rabon’s Elizabeth and my grandmother was the result of the union. In, I filled in Josiah Furman and Sarah Westbury as Moses parents. There are DNA cousins with whom I share common ancestor William Westberry ( no Moses in their line) but this is no help because if either William’s son John Westberry was Moses father, it would show up as a tree match. However, I have in total 17 Westberry matches among my DNA relatives and 15 Furman cousin matches, and those DNA cousins have no other connection with anyone in my tree. While not conclusive, I would say this is pretty good evidence that Moses’ parents were Sarah Westbury and Josiah Furman. Some of the Furmans lineal ascendants were Dutch and I also show common ancestors with these folks too.

    1. I wonder why Moses took not only his mothers’ last name, but also a deaviated version of spelling. Maybe mr. Furlow left them? Thanks for your comment. Very interesting.

  7. Sorry I got distracted and notice omission in my post. Third line from bottom should read “because if either William’s son John Westbury or his daughter Sarah was a parent ….

  8. Hi everyone I’m trying to find out where I fit in I’ve been looking up my ancestory and have found that I’m a descendant of Noah Westberry and Minnie Bennett my Great Grandma was named Susie Westberrry Lane any help would be appreciated I know everyone was from around the Jesup area. Thanks ahead of time everyone.

  9. Hi, I am a descendant as well. My father is Larry Wayne Westberry, son of John Aaron Westberry. Son of John and Nellie Westberry. My aunt Barbara Calvert has a book of family history. Does anyone have information on how to buy one. She got it at a family reunion.

    1. Hello Jennifer,
      I am a descendant of Moses Jr. I just received a copy of “Rev Moses Westberry and his descendants” by Geraldine Westberry-Johnson. I ordered it from I wonder if this is the book you are looking for? I have not had a chance to read much yet, there is a lot of information there!

  10. Comment from P Westberry

    I found that Capt. Josiah Furman a Patriot in the Revolution is Moses father, he never married his mother Sarah Westberry, that is why he has her maiden name. There was a book written about Furman and DNA testing done that supports he is the father of Moses Westberry. I found it on the Sons of the American Revolution Site, they have opened a line for Furman but for one of his legitimate heirs. I will write to you again when I come across the name of the book again.

    Be Blessed

  11. Thank you so much for taking this research back up. I am a decendant of Furman and Lucy through their daughter Nancy. I do have a question for you. You show Furman’s first name as Joseph and I was always under the impression that it was Richard? Question 2, has there ever been new proof that’s surfaced regarding Rev. Moses and whether he WAS adopted? I remember going to family reunions as a child and this always being a topic of discussion.

    1. Answer to question 1: I changed Richard’s name back. It looked like it was originally listed as Richard, but I changed it for some reason. And I can’t find why I changed it.
      As far as the second question. I have not seen anything definitive, but neither have I looked.

      Thank you,

  12. Hi . I believe I am a direct descendant of Moses westberry. His daughter Julia Ann westberry was my gr,gr,grandma. So Moses sr. was my gr,gr,gr grandpa. George Harris sr ‘s and Julia ‘s son was Joseph Harris Joseph Harris ‘s son was charlton l. Harris which is my moms dad. My mom is 86 and still alive. Minds good and very active. Just starting my heritage. Thankyou for info.

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