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  1. I have been in contact with you or the person that was gathering this information about the Westberry decendents. My grandfather was Andrew Cornelius Westberry. My mother was Myra V.Westberry Crummey. In fact the information on Andrew Westberry’s children has changed since I gave it to the other gentleman. I will try to update as much as I can and send it to you. By the way the “Andrew Westberry Reunion” just celebrated its 26 year! There are only four surviving/living children of Andrew and Mary Westberry at this time. We would love to have other relatives to attend. It is held on the second Saturday in October. Lunch served at noon. Come and join us and meet your relatives.

  2. Hello, wow this is amazing that I found this site! I am the granddaughter of Sgt Leslie Enes Westberry. I always have looked up information on him, wanting to more about my family history on my dads side, as I have always been very curious! Hope to hear from you and would love to know anymore information about our great Westberry family. I would also like to share any family history with you as well. 🙂 Take care! Sincerely , Kelly

  3. I am a descendant of
    Jarod Westberry
    William Fennon Westberry
    Riley Mitchell Westberry

    I saw the old website years ago and sent in some updates on Riley Mitchell and his children, including my father.
    That information seems to be missing from this site. Do you still have the old info? Can I get access to it.
    As I remember, in certain sections, there were stories that had been passed down.

    i have some new info on the Bohannon family . Benjamin Bohannon was the father of Pearlie Bohannon was was married to RIley Mitchell. The Bohannons are buried in the same cemetary in Statenville as the Westberrys.

    I will be delighted to contribute whatever I can both informationally and monetarily. Please be kind enough to respond as you have time.

    I thought all of our history was lost when the old website went down, I am most appreciate and grateful for all of the effort you have put into this new site.


  4. I am Ashli Elaine Watson Farris married to Michael Gene Farris of Arlington, GA. I am the granddaughter of the late William Kenneth Westberry and late JoAnn Catlett Westberry. I am the oldest daughter of Wynona Kenna. I was born 01/28/86. I have a half sister Lynzie JoAnn Watson Turner born 06/15/90 Married to Edward Turner of Omaha, Ga. I have a daughter JoAnna Paige Farris born 11/1/11. My sister has a daughter Skylar Cole Turner born 09/17/2012. Update on my family Donna Elaine Westberry passed away in 1982 from a car accident. JoAnn Catlett Westberry Jones passed away in 2003. Vicki Lynn Westberry Phillips Hastey has 4 children Brandy Nicole ( has a set of twins) Candice Chauntae (has two children) WilliAm Anthony Phillips JR ( has 3 kids) Jenna Hastey ( daughter of second marriage). I hope this is useful information.

  5. I have been trying to locate Pauline D. Westberry who served in the USAF and went through basic training at Lackland AFB in April 1973. We then were stationed at Pease AFB in NH. I had met her family in Maine and she met mine in Mass. We lost touch and I would dearly like to talk to her. If anyone knows her whereabouts, please email me.

  6. My great times 3 grandfather is Moses Westberry senior, his son Moses junior is my great times 2 grandfather. They were both Baptist Preachers in Georgia. Moses juniors son Adoniram Judson Westberry is my great grandfather. Adoniram was in the Civil War and after the war he went north and for reasons of his own never again had contact with family in Georgia. He married Philinda Ostrander in Lodi Wisconsin and raised a family there. It was around this time that our surname was changed to Westbury. After Philinda passed he went farther north in 1914 or 16 with his sons to Beverly Saskatchewan Canada where they homesteaded. Adoniram passed away in 1927 at the ripe old age of 95. His son Herbert is my grandfather and his son Roy Westbury is my father. I am pretty sure that we are a part of your very large family tree and there is a web site very similar to this one that anyone can check out. ourfamilyroots-adoniramjudsonwestberry . Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Ernie Westbury

  7. Hello! I am not sure if anyone still updates this site, but I believe I am related! My father was Robert J. Jordan, child of Robert M. Jordan (and your list says Ida Dukes), but it was actually Gladys Bass. I think I have some missing information. Anyway, they are descended from Elizabeth Westberry, etc.

  8. Under Richard Furman Westberry, Richard Westberry and Jacqueline jewett had Steven charles westberry who married Carol ann musial and had steven charles westberry jr 3/3/73 who married dannielle greene and had Christopher daniel andrew westberry 9/26/96 and Kayla westberry 5/14/98

  9. I’m very interested in William Westbury Jr’s daughter Mary Westbury (or Westberry) who married John McIntosh. One source of confusion is the names of William Sr’s wife and William Jr’s wives. I think William Sr. married Mary Early Elder and William Jr. married first someone name Jane and then someone named Mary. Jane was the mother of Sarah, William III, Joshua, and John, while Mary was the mother of Mary Elizabeth, and Martha. Do you agree and do you have more information?

  10. Hello,
    My name is JC Blanc, and I stumbled upon your site by accident (I live in England). I wonder whether anyone had any knowledge of an incident that involved Port Westberry in Jesup on 16th August 1950 (I know, it was a long time ago). He was forced to shoot a man named Charles Smith, who had barricaded himself with his 3-year old nephew. I am the son-in-law of his then wife (she died 15 years ago), and am doing research on the history of the family.
    Sorry for intruding like this, but any information would be of great help to me.
    Many thanks.

  11. Conflicting info on William Henry Westberry DOB 2/24/1873 & Lucy Thompson Westberry DOB 6/18/1880. My MOTHER-In-Law was their YOUNGEST Daughter, Vesta Malinda Westberry PATE DOB 8/25/1916 Appling Co, GA Died 11/26/1986 Ben Hill Co, GA. I have copies of old Bible pages from a Bible given to W.H Westberry from Lucy Thompson on 2/11/1911. She signed her name as Lucy L. Westberry please contact me. They were married 2/4/1894 , Jesup, GA (Wayne Co) Lists J.W. Westberry & N.L. Bennett Married 3/28/1870. J.W. Westberry DOB 4/15/1849 & Nancy L. Bennette DOB 3/31/1852. Lists a ??Marriage of H. M. Westberry and Josephine Welch with NO Date. Lists Births of 7 children: James Roland 12/1/1897, Bertha May 2/25/1899, Jared ? 1/2/1901 (died) ,Ester Madolia 10/2/1905, Henry Marvin 8/20/1909, Ellen Susan 7/15/1912 & Vesta Malinda 8/25/1916. The Following DEATHS are listed: Jared ? 10/15/1901, W.H. 11/10/1926, Jared Westberry 9/1926, Nancy L. Bennett Westberry 5/19/19

  12. Hello. I found this website and read over it. John Westberry is my great grandfather. Charles Dewey Westberry is my grandfather. He had a daughter, Hilda Westberry that married Unk French. Hilda and ray French are my parents.

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